things I would like to remember

April 18, 2005

I was on a walk today, soaking in the glittering beauty of a spring morning. It occurred to me that in winter and summer, light only has one path to travel among the trees – either straight to the ground (winter) or not at all (summer). But in spring, the light shimmers and wafts through thousands of translucent layers of new leaves, sparkling the whole way down.

I’m a new guest blogger over at Scott Thigpen’s Artsy Fartsy weblog ( so check it out, if you’re interested. He’s a fun guy, and I’ve enjoyed his blog a lot over the last few months, so it’s neat to participate. I’ll be keeping it up through my travels, and with the added bonus of a brand spanking new Flickr account to post pictures to via email. My first post on kinetic sculpture is already up.

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