Things my boyfriend says to me.

January 29, 2007

I discovered this site about two weeks after I’d collected a series of sticky notes of Josh-isms. I do this every so often – I can’t devote my life to taking Josh-dictation, because I’d never get a chance to sleep. But occasionally, I’ll spend a few days marking down some of the choice phrases.
Then I find them years later, torn and dirty in the bottom of a box or lost in an old text file on my hard drive.

Last night:
me: (reading takeout menu} What’s Mongolian Beef?

Josh: Goat.

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One thought on “Things my boyfriend says to me.”

  1. That is hilarious. I miss Josh and his isms even though he probably hates me now after that whole “hair” issue. Oh well, we will reunite soon! Have a great time in NYC. Good luck!

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