Today is Sunday

December 6, 2009

Went to a celebration of my grandpa’s life yesterday and had a lot of fun. Cried the rest of the afternoon because I’m a girl and because I hadn’t seen a lot of these people since I was a kid and goodbyes are tough, but it’s good to reconnect and open the door for seeing each other more in the future.

After that, I slept the longest I’ve been able to sleep in a few weeks. The cat urgently awakened me around 8am, when I fed him and checked for snow on my neighbor’s roof. There was about an inch of icy white sleet and a leaden, close gray sky. I went back to sleep and when I finally arose to greet the day the white was gone but the sky was still heavy.

The sky is still heavy as I type, and I have stepped outside once just to hear it brushing the tops of the pines. I like tracking the movements of the planet by the sound of the sky passing overhead. It’s a soft, ceaseless rushing sound, lighter than static or water, too consistent to be the breathing of a giant. Just one long suspiration.

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