December 3, 2005

Today I lazed in bed until 11, after staying up until 4am reading. I was awakened by Seamus saying my name through the shutters, so we sat down outside and had an espresso and it was so beautiful we said “Let’s go swimming” so I texted Maria and Brett and we collected Brian and Katie at the school and we walked in a line across the bay, where we were joined by Shaggy and Archie (two of our companion dogs) and saw the flock of ducks sleeping on the water with their heads tucked under their wings, and we all ran into the water and it was freezing but the sun was shockingly hot and I stayed in forever. I walked back with Katie and we saw a bushel of oranges floating on the water next to an old fisherman, and we listened to the wind in the cypresses and I bought fruit and watched the fog roll the cold back into the bay while my hair was still drying saltily from the sea. That was today.

Last night, the soloists had their concert. It was phenomenal, a packed house at the Apothiki gallery. Afterward we went to the pomegranate cafe and I had an espresso after midnight and then couldn’t figure out why I was up at 4am reading.

(If I never again have days where I am awakened by the voices of my friends, slide easily into the morning over coffee and sunshine, then into the day with a walk and a swim, then I want this here so I can read it over and over again and be reminded of just how good things are, sometimes, when they are simple and sunny and real.)

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One thought on “Today”

  1. ::sigh:: I think I almost cried when I read this. Seriously. I miss it so much there and haven’t even really had a chance to sit down, write, reflect on the beauty (in the people, in the place) and how much I really miss it. Especially being awakened by Seamus and having espresso… Bar the ant in my ear, and I was right back there. Everyone was so amazing and thankful and pure and good there – I want to be back. I want to be away from all this drama here, waking up to a crisp morning and contemplating the day long after the church bells have sounded and we’ve slept through them… I really do miss it.

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