February 6, 2004

New camera arrived this morning. This is a mint condition Polaroid Land 250 – easily the nicest one I’ve ever seen, and I paid nine dollars (including shipping) for it. I am stoked. This will probably become my default medium-format camera, and I will likely turn one or two of the others into pinhole cameras (esp. the 800, since I can no longer buy film for it).

Work is coming along on the new community project – this is the first community site I’ve ever attempted, and I know myself well enough to expect quite a transition in terms of managing it effectively. I’ll worry about that once I get a user base, though. I do think that this site will serve a need, so hopefully others agree. J. is setting most of it up to my specifications, because I have a bunch of other work to do that I can’t shuffle aside (even though I am shuffling as we speak…)

After yesterday’s interview and travel through snow, I napped for four hours. Something exhausted me, I just don’t know what. My dreams however, have been good and colorful and hopeful and exploratory.

That is all for now. I just had to clear some room in my head.

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