snow, snow everywhere

February 5, 2004

I told myself yesterday that no matter how much snow fell, if my interviewer was in the office at 9am, I would make the drive and show up for the interview.

I can write a lot of exposition, but it can be summed up in two words – okay, one. Hellish. Oh my god.

The 30min. drive took an hour and a half. I was twenty minutes late. They sat me down and had me review three of their sites from a “designer” point of view, and gave me ten minutes to do it. I didn’t finish one of the sites. Then the three of them (the entire web dev team) started shooting questions at me. “How are you at handling requirements gathering? How are you at HTML coding?”. I did not give the usual stellar interview answers I used to have in stock. Instead, I fumbled around while inside my head I was thinking “I can’t believe we made it here. We got lost twice, stuck once, J. is still in the car, why are they asking me these inane questions, isn’t assumed I know how to gather fucking requirements, how on earth else does a website ever get built?” Not the greatest mindset for an interview. And the bitch of it is, I really wanted the position.

So it didn’t go well, but I’m so relieved to be home safe (three hours of driving total, for what will likely be nothing, as they didn’t seem too impressed). I am going to pamper myself silly, and thank my blessed stars that I don’t actually have to be in an office anymore today, unlike those other poor saps whose cars I saw parked in the lot. I am already in my comfy clothes. J. is making tea. We have movies, and I am going to bake fluffy biscuits that would shame even the most diligent, sonsy farmer wife from the deep Middle South.

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