another sunday morning

October 31, 2004

I didn’t even get my day of the dead table set up this year. Spent all day yesterday shopping for office stuff and getting it set up in my room. I have a new worktable comprised of a countertop and sawhorses, and J and I put together a literature organizer from Office Max. I was VERY disappointed to see that most of it was cardboard, and would have taken it back except for the fact that J. very practically reminded me that it would likely be sturdy enough to store paper, the use for which it was intended. After getting it all glued together and applying the load-bearing labels in front, I agreed. I intend to cover it with collage crap, because its very blankness bothers me.

So my office is in shambles and my computer has lost half its memory to the cause of getting J.’s new dual G4 up to speed and configured, so I can’t do too many things at once on it. And I am feeling a little better lung-wise, but my drive to get my hosting company set up has cost me some precious rest, and I am not quite up to par yet.

The hosting company itself is going swimmingly though. I just want to get user signups automated and my support software installed and then I will launch the primary site. I have a few clients already, and it’s a testament to the rightness of the enterprise, I think, that they came to me instead of me to them. 🙂

These are really large, as I can’t open Photoshop at the moment, so they’re neither optimized nor resized nor even renamed from the camera defaults.

This is the rickety literature organizer. I KNEW it was too good a deal. I am going to use it to store prints and papers to make shipping and categorizing a hell of a lot easier. Behind it you can see our two rescued Macs. The one on bottom is a PowerComputing Mac clone from ’93 that we cannibalized about a month ago for parts to add to the 604e on top of it. That system was born exactly seven years ago today according to the date engraved on the case, and is running Debian. We have a little household Wiki on it that comes in handy when we need to remember how to fertilize the garden.

This is my new worktable. Letterpress is on the right, minus the inkplate (waiting for new rollers before I put it all together). New magnifying lamp on the left, waiting to be bolted down so I can actually use it. Myriad crap in the middle since I’m still reorganizing, and lots of tasty poisonous chemicals on bottom, for flavour. And photographs.

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