October 25, 2004

In 2000 I purchased the domain* with the idea that I would create a repository of HTML & CSS tips and tricks for all the people who had been asking me. I never got around to it, and let the domain lapse a year or two later.

Well, last week I was categorizing my multimedia publishing empire by domain and realized that it would be pretty nice to have a blog or wiki of the resources I use for interface design and for PHP & Ruby programming and just general web development. So I checked, and hadn’t been picked up since I had owned it. So I grabbed it again.

The design is lackluster and looks like the glut of CSS-blog designs out there right now, but the bitch is done and up and has no incorrectly used tables so I will not complain too much. Future improvements include a wiki-style knowledge base and an “on my pallette” feature that’ll show what I’m working on in Photoshop that week. For eight hours of work, it’s not a bad effort. I am excited to see it grow.

And, on top of it, I finished porting to the new server, so once again it’s a REAL domain instead of just a sad, sad little subdirectory off of the root of

*The name was my response to trying to appeal to other girls interested in web development, as I originally bought it when I was twenty and had not yet worked professionally with other women in my industry. I also wanted to sort of reflect the obsession I felt with the web at the time. As for how it applies now, well, it feels good to finish something I started five years ago.

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