The Costumer

January 18, 2007

A big box was waiting for me at the front door the other day. I opened it up (it weighed nearly nothing) to discover all the little costume novelties that I’d ordered a few weeks before for a photo shoot I’m setting up. Fortuitously, my goddaughter and her dad stopped by that night and Allea Read more >>

Greek Coffee Report #23

January 18, 2007

Moroccan arches, enormous rabbits, three rivers. The arches are marvelously detailed.

Greek Coffee Report #4

January 18, 2007

A sea of letters in three alphabets. A large A, a small wriggly vita. They swim and dance. I keep almost thinking I can see my name.

The Exhibition

December 9, 2006

IMG_5703web Originally uploaded by briannaorg. It was a good night. Many thanks to everyone who made it all possible, and special thanks to John Pack and Jess Mealey for the photos.

A View of the Water

November 26, 2006

Josh is away for the weekend and I’ve been staying up all night working, treading water it seems, but even when it seems my brain is occupied with code and configurations and the latest Tom Waits album, there is room for a little meditation. A few days ago (or rather, Friday, as precision is necessary Read more >>

For Bernice

November 17, 2006

(but really for all the boys who’ve ever cheapened their talent for a smoke) Walk tall, sweet girl. The boys will never notice how long it took your legs to reach the ground. Throw open the red doors, past the signs that smoke and curl and yellow light that falls like loaded dice against the Read more >>

Bel Canto

November 14, 2006

What a term. What a term! After a week and a half of illness (kidney infection, leading to my first encounter with socialized medicine, where at one point I found myself debating whether or not to knock down an old man carrying a copy of his echocardiogram who’d cut in front of me in the Read more >>

Amsterdam for a Weekend

November 2, 2006

Bicycle Originally uploaded by briannaorg. It’s fitting that we spent Halloween weekend in a northern city. Beautiful, beautiful place. Lots of bicycles. A tired carnival at the Dam which made a great compass for the Red Light District. Four very badly needed days in which we just. had. fun. It was wonderful. Then we lucked Read more >>

Ritual at sunset

October 22, 2006

In the plateia near the library there is a little chapel that is always locked. I have peeked in all the windows, sometimes tried the handles late at night when I was walking home tipsily from Pirate in the times before when I lived here. I had only seen it open once, last March when Read more >>

Sun! Sun! Sun!

October 20, 2006

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Not a cloud in the sky! The famed Aegean light has returned! It’s a good thing we planned a trip out of town right in time for the weather to shape up. But I feel so much better. I’m going swimming.