September 15, 2007

Photos by Lydia Rhyne

We just got home, and I need sleep, but I had to share some pictures. Many thanks to Lydia and Sam and Sé and Mary Ortega for making yesterday the best day ever.

It was perfect.

5 thoughts on “Ceremony”

  1. just wanted to say congrats from one artist to another! followed links here via illustration friday…couldn’t help but leave u a note after becoming absorbed in all this talk of creativity, all things artistic, and the joy of 100 monkeys.;o)i’m itching to paint,too, albeit the “itch” is more of an ever-present and chronically nagging “Cadmium red rash”, the likes of Golden fluid acrylics…
    the shots of your perfect day r simply beautiful!!! thanks for sharing them! much luck to you and yours…gabriella ;o)
    -hope u find time to stop scratching and pick up a paintbrush!

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