Getting to know you…me…whatever

October 3, 2007

Three inconsequential yet likely revealing details (while I wait for data to import…)

1) When I record a voice mail message, I try to make my voice deeper. It never works. My voice maestro (“teacher” just does not encompass the wonder that is Orfeas Munsey) referred to my speaking voice as “squeaky”. My dignity has never recovered.

2) I bite my nails. I stopped for all of 2006, but started again last January. Frequent hospital and airport visits that year were a huge help in keeping my fingers out of my mouth – ick.

3) I have been a huge fan of the Beach Boys (really, Brian Wilson) since I was extremely small, and learned all the Beach Boys songs by syllable before I was five. I was in my twenties before I bothered to look up the proper lyrics. I still sing “Surfin’ USA” the old way though. “Santa Cruz and Trestle…Australia’s Neerabeeen…” Incidentally, the Beach Boys were the first concert I ever attended, a present from my mom for my 10th birthday – I couldn’t speak for three days after, having lost my voice screaming the lyrics. The wrong lyrics.

I’ll leave you with some awesomeness since my import has almost finished – Brian Wilson on his SMiLE tour singing “Heroes and Villains”


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