early to bed, late to rise

February 4, 2004

I mixed up a batch of photo chemicals last night around eight, ferric ammonium citrate, potassium dichromate, and…what was the other one…oh yeah, the poisonous one, potassium ferrocyanide. I only made a little mess. Hopefully none of us are poisoned yet.

Anyway, today I was really looking forward to contact printing some cyanotypes, but we have no damned sun. None. Not even a little trickle I can use for my tiny little pictures. Stupid clouds.

I crashed out about two hours after the great chemical mixing. I was so tired I actually wondered if I had poisoned myself. I wish I had been as paranoid as that makes me sound, but my attitude was sort of like “Oh well, if I did, I get to die in my sleep cause I’m going to bed. Hooray!”

I did a lot of sleeping last night. I woke up around four, and it would have been for good but I decided to snuggle down further in the blankets and continue dreaming. All my dreams were good wish fulfillment dreams, including an amazing one where I was in a plane trying to take off from a high rise. Instead of just flying off the side of the building as I expected, we traversed a very windy narrow road down the building through little cobbled nooks and peasants running to get out of the way. When we finally took off, my stomach dropped. It was exciting. There were some other beautiful moments in my dreams, but they matter only to me.

I’m going to go rig up something for my cyanotypes and see if sitting all day under my dinky growlight will expose them enough.

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