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February 3, 2004

Thanks for all your comments on the last entry, guys. I can’t believe how that one little bit of news from Polaroid motivated me yesterday. I did so. much. work. on my gallery yesterday. Now I just need to make a huge film order and I’ll be content on the photography front.

By the way, I made that last entry friends-only simply because I’m linking this site from my personal one now, and I have a longstanding rule about not mentioning places of employment online (Dooce can tell you why that’s a good idea – and she’s having a baby right now! Woohoo!). I’ve never discussed my work, potential work, etc. online and it has served me well. I’m leaving the entry about being a colorist up because you know, they don’t care what I write, I work for them three hours a week. I don’t even think they know I work for them…

I was getting ready this morning, eating breakfast in my uns so as not to spoil my work clothes, when the doorbell rang. One of my new cameras had arrived. I tossed a quilted flannel on to answer the door, and only opened it an inch and a half to squeeze the package through. The postman wanted to argue with me about whether or not the package was mine (the sender addressed it to and I was contorted behind the door, propping myself up on both sides with my hands while he talked. Finally he gave me my three dollar camera and I could close the door to the bitter icy wind. No more nude breakfasts for me. It makes answering the door too much work.

Boy, good thing I made all those other entries friends-only. Wouldn’t want strangers getting a bad impression…

Speaking of cameras, the new one is capital F FILTHY. Filthy, rusty, dirty. I can’t wait to take it apart with a screwdriver and see how many parts I have left over when I put it back together.

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