festival of candles

February 2, 2004

Today’s to do list.

• Clean out office and set up photo station
• Write real journal entry
• Strips! Hagar first.
• 3,000 words, baby. Every day.
• Do some yoga, once J. gets out of the living room for five minutes.
• House cleaning!! Bathrooms, floors, kitchen, dust and tidy library
• Maybe, if there is light and time, mix some photo chemicals up (cyanotypes).
• Make sure strips are finished.

I had this list all worked out in my head before bed last night, but I need to write such things down, otherwise I find myself planted in front of the computer, glazed look in my eyes, ass tingling from sitting on it all day…

Today I am going to try to break my tasks into fifteen minutes a piece. This should help me stay a bit focused – I can’t do fifteen minutes of cleaning, then fifteen minutes of writing, but I can do fifteen minutes of picking up trash, fifteen minutes of dusting, etc.

I put Smoky and the Bandit on for J. to watch, as he likes to have the TV on all day while he ignores it. I loathe that habit, but since I’m always in my office, it doesn’t affect me much. I like the movie though, and Jackie Gleason cracks me up.

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