life balance, sex and lucia

February 1, 2004

I found a trial copy of a database progam called Life Balance, that is sort of an uber-to-do list maker. You can set broad goals like “Keep Life Organized” and “Take charge of physical well-being” and then create specific tasks and goals within those categories that are reflected in sort of a basic accomplishment pie chart. I like it quite well. I’m learning to finagle it a bit to accomodate me, but once I have it set up I think it’ll be terribly useful.

Last night I closed the café with E., and she invited me over after to watch Sex and Lucia, a Spanish film by Julio Medem. We arrived and her twin sister was baking cookies and cakes, so the whole house smelled of chocolate. They had been to the local upscale tea shop and had brought home Yerba Maté and Earl Green, a fabulous light green tea scented with lavendar and chamomile flowers. Myself, the twins, and E.’s boyfriend D. sat around the table and chatted. We moved to the living room after tea and fresh cookies to watch the film, which is an amazing movie from start to finish. Beautiful storyline, highly engaging, cinematographically excellent and full of fairy-tale dreaminess while dealing with intense issues. I plan on buying the unedited version as soon as I can afford it. Many of the reviews I’ve seen have called the movie’s story “confusing” or “convoluted”, but ten minutes of discussion with E. after the film ended and I thought it was brilliantly plotted and made perfect sense in the telling.

I love going to the twins house. It is so comfortable, and comforting. E. brought out quilts to wrap up in as we watched the film, as it was quite cold in the living-room due to the weather. We hadn’t started the film until after one am, and it was past three when it was over. J. was not happy about picking me up. 🙂

Today there is icy rain. Tonight there will be snow. Tomorrow is Imbolc, and I will leave my offerings of fruit and milk out on the ice, and cleanse my home and my brain for the year ahead.

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