September 29, 2003

J. mom brought us a shamrock seedling Saturday, and so far it’s Monday and I think I’ve almost killed it. It’s in the world’s tiniest flower pot, for transport, and it’s so delicate that I’ve been terrified to transplant it until it settles in a little better. Problem is, it holds next to no water, so I have to water it twice a day. That’s difficult for a person who can’t remember to brush her hair before she leaves the house. Oh, but it’s a darling little plant – purple leaved and so responsive to the sun.

I burned a frond (or whatever the term is) off of my aloe vera last night, and feel pretty cruel as a result. J. even warned me that my candle was too close to it, but I tested it with my hand and disagreed. I felt pretty mean waking up this morning and seeing the damaged part of the plant wilting. Restitution in the form of Miracle-Gro will be duly applied.

Oh well. Let the natural selection begin.

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