the sound of rain

September 30, 2003

Got a little tense this afternoon – fatigue and caffeine leftovers, plus I had a Krispy Kreme binge that sent me into sugar-space. So I went for a little teensy walk, and found an old stone wall that had been embraced by an enormous oak growing within it and around it.

I brought home a new wildflower to press, a vine, and a little more peace than I had before.

Am attempting to re-contact someone I’ve been corresponding with for seven years, and it was what I thought about as I tripped over desiccated vines and vine seedlings. I hope he accepts my gesture of friendship and we can talk again.

A moment ago I thought I heard my teakettle rattling on the stove. J. is asleep on the couch, so I kept looking around, confused, for the source of the sound. It finally occurred to me that it is raining. The sky has been lovely and leaden and far away all day today. An aloof autumn drizzle, dignified despite is pallor when compared to the August thunderstorms that recently blew through.

If all goes right tonight, I’ll have recreated a little web thing I made for this friend about six years ago, and finished coding the October cover. Once again, I am totally blocked on the moods designs, and I am trying very hard to treat it lightly and just work through it. I am doing alright.

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