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October 14, 2003

Moveable Type will not let me log in. My implementation is apparently corrupt.

This after spending two months filling it full of data and getting the structure organized so that I could use it as a CMS for :: Moods.

I know I could go online, look up the problem, spend all day troubleshooting it, and maybe have a 50% of fixing it, a 70% of recovering my data.

On the other hand, I should have built the CMS myself and didn’t because I’m lazy. I think I’ve learned my lesson. Time to start coding. *sigh*. I don’t even want to think about what this means for my schedule this week. I’m trying to get my site up before the cafe opens, so that when the zine launches I can focus entirely on the next issue instead of my website. But it’s all good, there has to be some reason why I needed slowing down.

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