just another girl.

March 18, 2004

Something funny I read yesterday – a banner advertising “Ocean Views!” for an apartment complex off the highway. This was in Kansas. The old ones are the best.

I celebrated the wearing o’ the green yesterday by wearing all black (with red boots – today it is just all black all over. Even the underwear. Yeah, I know you were wondering.) and then coming home, eating four tacos and drinking two Dos Equis and passing out at eight-thirty. That is what I get for staying at work eleven hours and then having a two hour drive home. I have never in my life drank two beers as quickly as I did last night. Nor have two beers ever tasted so good, though I think that was largely the complement of the tacos.

Anyway, it was good for my soul – the sleep or the beer. I awakened refreshed. I awoke refreshened. I woke up feeling awake. And still daydreamy and in la-la land.

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