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March 14, 2004

My first show starts in a few hours in Long Beach at OPEN books on Linden Ave. I am thrilled to pieces.

The new job is going alright. I am working many hours there, and then I come home and work many hours here. I fear this journal will be static and boring until that changes.

This is what I have been working on:

(That’s NFC, for those writing down my spotty acronyms at home.)

When I first visited Norway about seven years ago (coincidentally with the friend who owns the bookstore showing my photos tonight), I took great pleasure in making fun of the language. Learning new words for objects was very easy, because everything was very obviously named. Apples? Appel. Dog? Hund. Hospital? Sykhus. Yes, that’s “sickhouse” in English.

So when I was asked tonight for titles for my pictures, I felt like I was taking the Norwegian approach to naming. I have “Fruit”, “TV”, “Tulips” and more. Really, it’s barely a step above from just naming them all “Picture” and having done with it.

Our TV has been broken for two weeks. Don’t tell my boyfriend, but I don’t intend to get a new one anytime soon. I miss watching movies, but I do not miss the drone of the commercials and the news twenty-four hours a day. I intend to simply get an external DVD drive for my computer, since I don’t have any bays left for an internal one (thanks, Apple. Would it have been so hard to imagine that I would want to upgrade someday?).

Anyway, that means I’ll get to watch my DVDs that I haven’t seen in awhile, like Amelie.

I know this entry was wholly without form or insight. I have scads of entry notes, I will be better about it in the future.

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