Lollygagging, Euro-style

September 1, 2005

I think I have walked at least fifty miles in the last three days. Monday, I got good and thoroughly lost trying to find my hostel, while lugging about fifty pounds of luggage. I was just about to collapse when it occurred to me to hail a cab. Yeah. Actually, it didn’t so much occur to me as I saw someone do it and the lightbulb went on over my head. Of course, I was about half a block from my hostel at that point. I tipped the cabbie very nicely, I was so grateful for that fifty-foot ride.

The girls arrived late Monday night, and we had midnight chicken korma and mutton tikka. I wasn’t hungry the next day when I got up, so I deferred breakfast and we left to head to the Tate for the Frida Kahlo exhibit. It took us awhile to get there – we had a lot of stops to make. We stopped at an internet cafe, stopped at a florist, stopped for live music, stopped to primp our hair, kept stopping. When we finally arrived at the Tate, I was blown away. It was wonderful. I will be padding this entry with details from my paper journal (which I left at the hostel – this was a surprise internet visit) but after the Tate we went a little ways down the Thames to the National Theatre to see Henry IV Part II. Michael Gambon played Falstaff, and was amazing.

More to come, just wanted to check in with a quick update. We’re taking a sack of fresh figs to Hyde Park for some lazy lunching.

3 thoughts on “Lollygagging, Euro-style”

  1. just a question – who are “the girls”. I knew Kristen was meeting you, but I was unaware of plurals. Anyone I know? That rocks you got to see Michael Gambon – he was probably a phenomenal Falstaff.

  2. i’m so excited for you brianna.

    and surprising, i’m not jealous that you’re in london!!!

    i think it’s because i know how perfect for you this adventure is … and what a realization of so many of your dreams. i am so, so very happy for you. i know you are on to the next phase of your life and personal evolution and, well, dammit, i’m so happy for you!!!!

    hip hip huzzah!

  3. oh my!!! Frida! This is so exciting to hear, considering I will be there in two weeks. EEEEEE!

    Glad to hear your travels have gotten off to an exciting start. Keep us posted/informed. I love reading travel journals.

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