Off on a Grand Adventure

August 29, 2005

One hundred and fifty years ago, it was customary for wealthy post-adolescents to finish their education with a Grand Tour of Europe, comprised of extended visits to the most fashionable cities, such as Paris and London, along with educational tours of reknowned historical sites. These tours lasted months, or years, and were considered necessary to a well-rounded aristocratic education.

Take away all the trappings of wealth and excess and I’ve stumbled into an opportunity to round out my education with a semester abroad at The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. In the next four months, I’ll be travelling across Europe, studying art and art history, painting and photography, and documenting my efforts here at This is a dream come true, the chance of a lifetime, and all the other phrases that apply when you find yourself living a life that you didn’t think was in the realm of possibility.

I leave for London in three hours. Here I am, and there I go.

7 thoughts on “Off on a Grand Adventure”

  1. I couldn’t live right after if I wasn’t first to say: I love you, you deserve this, and you better squeeze every bit out, for it is hard to have you away.

    Your Boy,

  2. Yee-haw! Hopefully I’ll be visiting not long after my Birthday! We’re leaving in a few days to head up the coast, and I’ll be thinking of you as I smell the ocean and sleep under the stars. Love you!

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