September 17, 2003

I just installed the OSX client for LiveJournal, so naturally I had to test it out. I know. I KNOW. But I’m about done for the night, as I have a mockup to complete before morning so that I can have some painting time tomorrow. However- I love that the music automatically updates from what I listen to. I’ve been trying to implement that on my own homepage for a few months now – not trying very hard, actually.

By the way – the pomegranate theme has to do with my delirious fondness for them. I grew up with at least twelve fruiting pomegranate trees within walking-distance, and can’t remember a time when I didn’t love them. I always celebrate the first pomegranate I eat in the season, and so far this year, I have not seen them (not unusual, but I am anxiously waiting for them).

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