today’s list of stuff I have to do…

September 17, 2003

1) finish the Nomadia site mockup. Oh, please please please let me finish this quickly.

2) get through coding phase 2 of the humumizer (my answer to my reluctance to actually alter
any books – I don’t want to hurt them!)

3) dust and vacuum, like I was s’posed to do two days ago.

4)mix up my cyanotype chemicals and clean my three medium-format Polaroid cameras.

5)Paint! Paint, paint, paint! I have one commission I’ve been working on for too long now, and wall art for
the cafe that needs to be completed. Cafe stuff’ll probably be done first, as I already have them sketched out and the canvases primed, but I’m excited about the commission because I think I finally hit upon a direction yesterday when staring off into space.

I wonder what sporting goods items I can bribe J. with to take me to Michael’s…probably fishing stuff. It’s cheap, and keeps him occupied for HOURS. Heh. I could use some more painting supplies.

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