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March 5, 2004

I mailed off several of my Polaroids yesterday to Open in Long Beach. I have never parted with so many at once. I think I have sold or made presents of perhaps five since I started making them a few years ago. It felt exciting.

I feel very warmly toward some of my SX70s, and toward the technique as a whole. I have distinctly different feelings about the emulsion transfers. But the SX70s are my babies, tiny little packages of art, little magical photographs that turn reality into a painted fairyscape. I hope the pictures I sent make at least one person feel half of that. I will be satisfied with it.

I have not yet found the perfect framing method for Polaroid art of any kind, but I prefer simplicity. Ideally, I could sandwich images in clear glass or lucite with no backing and hang them from the ceiling. This is the next best thing.

I grouped the three sx70s in the large frame because they just worked. When I was done framing them, I noticed the fruit bowl in the first picture was reflected in the television in the last picture, since I took both images in the same shoot. It was a cute discovery.

It has rained, and rained. March is marching in like a lion, as it always has. It remains the one little adage I’ve ever come across that bears true no matter what location I’m in. The rains are languid, but abundant. Warmth and wet will soon bring that green haze that I love so dearly in the early Spring, when the trees are barely budding and are covered in newly formed moss from the moisture. I love looking out across the fields here when the grass is just new and the trees are enveloped in the faintest green mist. It is a picture of so much promise.

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