Return of the King

December 18, 2003

I loved it. Best movie I’ve ever seen. I think I cried throughout the whole thing, and that is saying quite a lot.

I’ll say nothing more on the movie, since no one I know has seen it yet. Next week I’ll post a review I wrote.

Bits and pieces:
1) If one more person tries to use the word “metrosexual” in conversation with me, I am giving up on English altogether and will henceforth only speak Norwegian. Metrosexual. I cannot believe people insist on seriously using that word in conversation. WHY DO YOU LET ADVERTISERS MOCK YOUR LANGUAGE!?

2) Today I wrapped presents. J.’s gifts this year are useful and prosaic, and so I’m suffering a bit of a conflict. I scored a total deal on eBay which took care of 50% of the presents issue, I bought him a few tiny useful things, and now I need something totally fun and frivolous to cap off the presents-balance.

3)I just ordered one of his gifts over the phone with Kinko’s, and I swear to heaven if they fuck it up I’m pulling my red-headed banshee act right on top of their twelve-thousand dollar plotter. Hopefully they won’t fuck it up, because I’m a little drained after seeing that movie.

4) I’m really worried about this gifts thing. I wonder why.

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