the bells, the bells!

December 23, 2003

The last two evenings a church near us has been playing Christmas carols on their digital bells. They can be heard all over the neighborhood. Last night, J. and I walked out to the car on the way to a party and I was humming along with “Angels we have heard on high”.

“I haven’t heard this one yet this season” I mentioned.

“Heard one what?” asked J.

“This song – can’t you hear the bells?”

“No, what bells?”

This went on for awhile until I gave up in frustration. Now, the bells are playing again and I’m afraid to say anything about it in case it turns out I’m the only one who can hear them.

I went thrift store shopping today and spent money all on me ME ME!! I got five shirts, a skirt I didn’t want that I spilled coffee on and had to buy, and a cool black wool overcoat. I may go back for another overcoat, actually. Now I just need to get everything washed and rewashed and possibly drycleaned, and I’ll have spent the same amount I would have on new clothes. 🙂

I also bought an ornate pipe at the local stuff shop. Wait, that sounds like I mean a head shop. Actually, I’m referring to the frou-frou secondhand store in the frou-frou little shopping village nearby, full of antique postcards and gloves and furniture and this particular pipe. I go there fairly frequently, given that I never shop. They have good stuff for collages.

Then I had four shots of espresso and now I’m afraid if I stop typing, I’ll die.

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