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October 15, 2004

Two weeks ago I bought a 12 DVD collection of early horror films at my local technomart. I bought it because I am filthily in love with Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney (Sr.) and Bela Lugosi and because in my formative years during autumn I would come home from school and watch Frankenstein and Dracula to get myself nicely spooked for October.

Admittedly, I’d have paid the $25 for a single DVD of about ten of the titles available in the collection, so it was a smashing deal, and on Sunday I spent a gorgeous afternoon eating pomegranates and watching The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney while I worked on my new server.

Tonight, I intend to go home and do exactly the same thing, and I’m awfully excited about it.

I had some gorgeous dreams last night, including one where I was riding in a car in CartoonLand and next to me was a highrise building made of giant cereal boxes and a garish neon sign outside that said “Cereal Towers”. We paused in front of it while some staff workers from an amusement park prepared our special CartoonLand greeting. All I can say is that a dream like that would have left me swooning with glee when I was eight. Now, it makes me wonder what was in the cold medicine I took before bed.

And today I booked a ticket to LA forJenn’s birthday in two weeks.

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