week one – a summary

February 28, 2004

To lighten the load a bit this week, I left off of my journalling duties. Today is Saturday. Last night, I drank wine and beer and fell asleep at nine pm. My television’s tube finally burned out, so I have to have a funeral today. That TV has been a prominent subject in my paintings and photos since we moved here, and I feel badly that I won’t get to watch my brand new Cary Grant/Doris Day movie on it. I bought it JUST because I knew how perfect it would look on the aging display surrounded by wooden embellishments. J. and I were very sad – hence the early bed time.

I went to Michael’s yesterday to get stuff to frame my photos for Open’s Second Saturday in two weeks. It is my first “show”, so I was willing to spend a few bucks on framing materials and paper and a couple of embellishments. I was angry because I have to go to the bathroom every time I step into Michael’s, which means I can never focus and make a decision amid all the dancing and leg-crossing, so it takes twice as much time and I rarely end up with what I want. I think I did alright though. I had really wanted to get stuff to make marble magnets with, but again with the dancing, so I left off looking for the supplies and just got my framing stuff and left.

I splurged and bought brie, wine, salmon cakes & catfish fillets (J.’s favourite) for dinner last night. We had planned on staying in and watching movies all night, but the TV gave up the ghost as the end credits to the Simpsons were rolling. I wouldn’t mind never replacing the television, but the boy in the house would have a conniption. Let him replace it then. I need art supplies, not new electronics.

I am a wee belligerent today. I can tell The Contract is going to want sixty hour weeks out of me if I get hired full time, and while I expect that out of an IT position, it was still disheartening to realize that everyone in the IT department works Saturdays. Not me, however, as I am currently limited to forty hour weeks while contracting. It seems that the reward for doing a good job and getting hired on full time will be the complete sucking of my life down the drain, but I won’t dwell on it too much until it comes to that. I do, however, need to be making plans to buy some wrist braces, Advil, and two ergonomic keyboards. My right wrist is so painful and tingly that this entry has been WORK.

Things are good, I must remind myself. Today I might go fishing with my camera, even though I have no SX70 film because Polaroid and UPS have conspired to eat $70 of my money and not replace it with film yet. I do have other film though, so I will use it. After my strips are done, and the new cafe website, and the fishing, and the taxes and the laundry, I might have time to sit down and watch Lost in Translation.

Then to bed, where it starts all over again with an extra long day on Monday.

(It’s alright Brianna. Everything will work out alright).

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