February 24, 2004

I am listening for my water to boil in the other room. I need tea.

Yesterday was long. My reception at the new place was very warm. The day started with a two and a half hour meeting, but quickly improved.

Someone blew up a house, and started shooting at firefighters. Because of it, it took us two hours to get home.

By the time we arrived, my neck was tight and sore and my brain was no longer processing or absorbing new information. All new information was rolling off the back of my sore neck.

Still, after our harrowing ride home, I made J. and I cappuccinos, made myself dinner, relaxed in front of the tv for an hour, and then did an hour’s worth of my own work – strips and invoicing and some minor print design. I am fairly proud of this, given how shot I was.

Today, I am awake, and beginning it all over again.

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