February 11, 2004

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep and good nourishment can do for one’s outlook.

I had two whole glasses of wine last night, and fell asleep comfortably. Today I awakened chipper and full of ambition.

I have a job interview today at 2pm (the one I was supposed to have two weeks ago) and the position is, er, definitely within my capabilities, so I’m confident. I had my strips done on time, but accidentally uploaded the same one twice, neglecting to upload Mutts, so I got the Wednesday morning email saying “Hey, where’s your strips?” but I was online and had them uploaded in no time, so no stress over that.

My online gallery should be finished by tomorrow, which will be nice. My community project is throwing errors at me, so I’m going to scrap the first install of the software and reinstall and reconfigure it.

Lessee, what other mundanities can I throw your way. My hair is behaving nicely, which is so out of character for my hair that I keep sneaking looks in the mirror to see if it’s just misbehaving behind my back and I haven’t noticed. But no, it really is curling in all the right directions for once. Let’s hope it stays that way for an hour or two.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I will post an actual entry later. Wish me luck on this interview – we all know how I feel about the office, but we all know it would be better than nothing.

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