Bel Canto

November 14, 2006

What a term. What a term! After a week and a half of illness (kidney infection, leading to my first encounter with socialized medicine, where at one point I found myself debating whether or not to knock down an old man carrying a copy of his echocardiogram who’d cut in front of me in the Read more >>

Amsterdam for a Weekend

November 2, 2006

Bicycle Originally uploaded by briannaorg. It’s fitting that we spent Halloween weekend in a northern city. Beautiful, beautiful place. Lots of bicycles. A tired carnival at the Dam which made a great compass for the Red Light District. Four very badly needed days in which we just. had. fun. It was wonderful. Then we lucked Read more >>

Ritual at sunset

October 22, 2006

In the plateia near the library there is a little chapel that is always locked. I have peeked in all the windows, sometimes tried the handles late at night when I was walking home tipsily from Pirate in the times before when I lived here. I had only seen it open once, last March when Read more >>

Sun! Sun! Sun!

October 20, 2006

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Not a cloud in the sky! The famed Aegean light has returned! It’s a good thing we planned a trip out of town right in time for the weather to shape up. But I feel so much better. I’m going swimming.

These Islands

October 18, 2006

It is still raining. There is a poem I keep trying to find that I read years ago that starts something like: The rain has washed the sky away and the clouds away and all the birds away But the trees stand. The trees stand… Only, there aren’t many trees here. A few olives, two Read more >>

First Pomegranate

October 14, 2006

first pomegranate Originally uploaded by briannaorg. It is late and Josh is working on the network in the computer lounge. It is windy outside and I took this opportunity to upload a slough of photos to Flickr. This is rather monumental, as all my late night hysterical whiskey-soaked confessions at the bars here since we Read more >>

Just days

October 13, 2006

Today it is just shy of two weeks since we arrived on the island. It has been wet and grey for three days, and this morning I awoke with my face so bitten by flies that my features had collapsed alarmingly into a dumb, swollen mass, giving me the look of a stroke victim. We Read more >>

Athens, one year later

September 29, 2006

Josh, the Amphitheatre Originally uploaded by briannaorg. We made it.

Fugue State

September 6, 2006

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, and all the movement of these passing days merits an update. We have been home from Kansas City for a month, and I am surprised at how much we’ve accomplished, and the enormous amount we have left to do. Between clearing the house out in preparation for some renovations, Read more >>


August 5, 2006

We are leaving Richfield, Utah, about 45 miles from the Nevada border/I-15 Junction. That means the prettiest part of the drive is behind us (and oh, wow, was it lovely). We should be pulling into the Valley of Enchantment around eight o’clock tonight. A full day behind where we wanted to be – our favourite Read more >>