good morning

February 23, 2004

Today is day one of The Contract. If I refer to it again, it shall be known as The Contract instead of The Office or The Job, because I call my studio my office, and because I have two other jobs.


I went to bed at ten fifteen pm last night. I must have been asleep by eleven, because I awoke promptly at five, thirty minutes before the alarm went off. It’s given me lots of time to get ready. Right now I am showered and breakfasted and teaed as well, and I wanted to write a journal entry because even if I say nothing, at least the habit is good for me.

Has anyone else noticed the creeping-in of the Spring? It has been lovely the last few days.

I updated the gallery at I added fifteen emulsion lifts, most of them done between 2001-2002. I have many more to add. Digicam is fixed, so pictures of haircut are coming – I found the picture of me with long hair from right before the camera died, which I hadn’t seen yet. After a month of haircuttedness, my old long hair just looks really weird.

I think this whole morning writing gig may not be my forte. I had an idea yesterday for this short story I’m writing for the anthology that Open is putting out this spring. I think it may work, except it has the potential to sound like a rip off of another short story I like by Kelly Link. I will probably start using this time in the mornings to work on it.

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