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February 18, 2004

Had a client meeting this morning, it went well. Came home at noon to find an email from the recruiter saying “you got the job…call me” so I did and I do have the job, and they wouldn’t let me start any later than Monday (even though I’ve been waiting nearly a month to get this deal wrapped up) so I have two websites and some print stuff to wrap up in the next four days, not to mention my strips and the fact that I need to go over some of my old ASP code so that I’m on track for this project when I walk through the door on Monday.

That was quite a sentence. Let me slow down a bit.

I made sure to stop in the cafe this morning before my meeting, so that I could take my client a drink and get my day started off with some espresso, which doesn’t happen often. I am BUZZED as a result, and all of the momentum of the job-related stuff has only exacerbated that feeling.

I still think this is going to be a good year. It may not be the year I buy my land, but it will be the year of my first gallery opening, and maybe it will be the year of a few other things as well.

I worked on my zine a bit last night. I don’t know if people will like it – it reflects my internal sense of humour, which has its own guidelines. It’s a mock Victorian ladies magazine, ostensibly run by a society with a Madam (in the Heidi Fleiss sense) as the editor. The design and layout are very strait-laced, like Harper’s Bazaar from 1860, but the content is just twisted. It was good to work on it, though.

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